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Costs Drafting

Costs Drafting

We have 15 years’ experience in Civil & Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury and Costs therefore we can draft bills accurately and in a compliant manner to ensure maximum recovery at speed and at low cost.

Our payment terms are also competitive:

  • Bill drafting fees are reduced as per recovery – ensuring that we will recover the most we can for you.
  • Fixed negotiation fees – to ensure speed and efficiency.
  • Quick turnaround with maximum settlements – to aid your cash flow.
  • Capped fees for Paying Party work.

We are simply interested in good, honest costs drafting, negotiation and advice and we aim to ensure that your needs come first.

Therefore, unlike other costs drafting firms, we will provide you with the advice before negotiation commences so we both know where we stand in terms of likely recovery and cash flow.

With a FREE Courier Service, we not give us a try for one file and compare us.

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