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Litigation Support

Philip has over 15 years litigation experience and he has put that experience to good use in various firms of solicitors across England and Wales.

This service is for you if:

  • You receive enquiries for litigation matters but because you either do not have the staff or the time, you have to turn the work away.
  • You wish to expand your practice into litigation but employing a litigation lawyer is perhaps too much hassle.
  • You already have a litigation department but need an extra pair of hands to service your clients.

We have helped law firms in the above scenarios take on (more) litigation matters by providing litigation support and/or locum fee earning services.

As solicitors, you are able to instruct any person to assist your firm in the conduct of such litigation matters as long as you effectively supervise the work, and you remain accountable for the work being carried out.

We can help work and progress your civil litigation cases from start to finish providing fee earning services as if we are based in your office. Your clients will rarely feel any difference.

As part of the service, we can provide the hardware and office facilities for the remote fee earning staff and, in some circumstances, we can also offer background administrative support including printing, posting, faxing and scanning facilities (sometimes at no extra cost).

With our experience, we can provide the full fee earning experience including:

  • Initial consultations.
  • Progressing of cases from start to finish.
  • Billing and WIP recovery (using our costs drafting knowledge).
  • Compliance with all SRA requirements including accounting rules.

We offer our services on both hourly rate and fixed fee (or percentage) basis and in the right circumstances, our services can be provided on a ‘no payment, no fee’ basis.

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