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For Landlords and Tenants, whatever your requirements, we can help you with your legal needs, disputes or claims.

For Landlords

Whether you need advice on the relevant laws applicable to you and your property; assistance in drafting your tenancy agreements, leases, notices or other documents; or advice and assistance regarding deposit schemes we can assist.

We can also assist you in recovery of rent arrears; evicting tenants; dilapidations; taking Court action and recovery of your property (where court action is required, we will refer you to one of our panel Solicitor firms.)

For Tenants

Moving into a new property can be a stressful experience just on its own.

We can assist you in dealing with your tenancy agreements and leases, whether you require advice on your obligations or whether you just need to know what it all means in clear and simple terms, we can help.

Problems may also arise when living in your property, i.e. the boiler may break down or there is damage to your property which has not been caused by you. We can assist you in presenting these problems to your landlord and provide advice and assistance should you have any claims to make against your Landlord regarding such repairs.

When leaving your property, you may also have problems with getting your deposit back or a dispute regarding the state of the property. We can assist.

If you are a tenant of a commercial property, we can help and advise on termination, security of tenure and various obligations.

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