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Legal Costs

Legal Costs

Once you win your claim for damages/compensation, your claim does not end there. You can make a claim for legal costs on top. Get in touch with us for more information.

No matter whether you use a solicitor to make a claim or whether you deal with your claim yourself, you will always incur legal costs of some sort.

When you use a solicitor whether it be on a No Win Fee basis or on a private fee basis, your solicitor will normally recover their legal costs from your opponent if you win. They will also recover any out-of-pocket expenses (disbursements) like Court Fees, medical fees, engineering fees, barrister’s fees, etc, etc.

You would be wrong to think that if you do not use a solicitor, you do not get any legal costs. No matter what type of legal action you are taking, it is likely you will have to pay for your Court Fees as well as any other disbursements. But what about the time you spend in dealing with your claim yourself?

If you do not instruct a solicitor you are classed as a Litigant-in-Person. If you win, you are able to claim for financial loss in bringing your claim. If you are unable to prove financial loss then instead, you can claim an hourly rate of £19.00 for all the time that you have spent in dealing with your own claim. This is in addition to your actual damages/compensation claim. The rule which allows recovery of legal costs for Litigants-in-Person is Rule 46.5 set out in the Civil Procedure Rules.

White Collar has in the past assisted Litigants-in-Person recover their legal costs using the rules to achieve maximum monetary recovery from their claim. We can help you too.

In addition, we can also assist in defending a claim against you for legal costs including instances where you have to pay your own solicitors’ costs or your opponent’s costs if you have lost.

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