Many of my clients are Litigants in Person whether a member of the public or a small business.

It is my personal view that when looking for someone to provide them with a legal service LiPs are looking for quality, accessibility and affordability.  I can provide all 3.

In today’s legal market, there are many different types of legal service provider including Solicitors, Barristers, Legal Executives and of course Paralegals like myself.

Paralegals like myself provide great assistance to those unrepresented parties which include those who cannot afford the fees of those ‘higher up the food chain’.

The Professional Paralegal Register has recently been launched and I am proud to be one of the first Paralegals (in fact the 2nd Paralegal) to receive a PPR Practising Certificate.

If you are a consumer or a small business owner (including Landlords) and require affordable and accessible legal services and do not wish to pay the potentially higher fees of solicitors, barristers or legal executives then consider using a Paralegal.

I am listed on the PPR at Tier 4 Level (the highest level) and what sets me apart from other Paralegals is that I hold the Practising Certificate.  This means that I am fully regulated by the PPR and if you do have a problem with my service (that’s a big IF) then you can complain to the PPR and you are protected as a consumer.  The PPR has the power to order sanctions against people like myself and they also have the power to order and pay compensation.  This is a similar power to that held by the Legal Ombudsman and the other regulatory bodies.

Therefore, if you are choosing a Paralegal to provide your legal services, then make sure you choose one that is registered with the PPR and has Practising Certificate as if you don’t, and you run into problems, you will not have any regulatory redress.

You can check the Professional Paralegal Register here