As we come to the end of 2015, I ask what can I do for you in 2016?  Well here’s a list of what I’ve done in 2015 so far:

Services for Personal or Business Clients

  • Arranged service of a Divorce Petition and completion of the relevant affidavit / witness evidence
  • Assisted a Litigant in Person (someone who is unrepresented in Court proceedings) with completing Court Forms and preparing their case
  • Dealt as a Claims Managing Agent for a Supplier in a Product Liability Claim resulting in the 2 Solicitor Firms discontinuing their claims
  • Drafted 2 Wills
  • Drafted an Application to strike out a Defence for a Litigant in Person; advised them in respect of prospects and recovery of costs resulting in the client winning the application and recovering over £400 worth of costs
  • Drafting repossession proceedings for Letting Agents and Landlords
  • Personally assisted a client with letter writing and phone calls
  • Prepared a Defence to a Counterclaim and negotiated settlement in favour of my Claimant client
  • Prepared Letters Before Action for various clients in relation to debts; all resulting in payouts from the debtors
  • Provided advice to a client resulting in a creditor ceasing the pursuit of a debt
  • Provided advice, support and assistance in a breach of contract claim
  • Provided advice, support and assistance in a case proceeding in the First Tier Tribunal – Property Chamber
  • Provided advice, support and assistance to a Litigant in Person in a claim for possession of commercial property
  • Provided Data Entry Admin Support to a new Start Up Company
  • Providing advice in respect of a Sale of Goods Act Claim
  • Soured and obtained a Barrister for a Court hearing
  • Successfully achieved a pay out in an insurance claim after the insurer had declined to pay out
  • Successfully persuaded a bank to allow a Sole Director to have access to the Limited Company Account (the bank declined previously as a previous director was the only signatory)

Services for Solicitors

  • Arranged service of a Divorce Petition and completion of the relevant affidavit / witness evidence
  • Attending Court Hearings in various locations for Infant Approval Hearings, Final Charging Order Applications, Possession Claims, Suspension of Possession Warrant Applications, Applications to Postpone Possession Order, Final Third Party Debt Order Applications and a Detailed Assessment Hearing
  • Prepared a Bill of Costs for a Professional Deputy and obtaining a Final Costs Order
  • Prepared and Negotiated Bills of Costs for maximum recovery
  • Prepared Costs Budgets
  • Provided continuous costs advice in relation to pre and post Jackson costs, Pre-Action Protocols, the Portals and general advice in respect of Part 36


As you can see, I can provide various services to Solicitors, Businesses and Individuals all at a competitive price and in many cases cheaper, quicker and more efficient than your current supplier.

My testimonials on and speak for themselves.

I’m hoping to expand in 2016 so why not give me a call on 0151 230 8931 or 07943 163 877 to discuss what I can possibly do for you.